Report on Engagement

Executive summary: Blog engagement – mediocre; Twitter engagement – excellent.

Using the tools of social media interwoven through course content has been a (sadly) unique experience for me. I have found twitter in particular to be an effective way to connect with colleagues about relevant issues in public policy and public sector management.

This is, admittedly, not the first time I have done a blog for a course. While I found this more interesting than most other instances due to the subject material, I did not find the blog itself to be particularly engaging. In total, my blog post on Kahneman’s “Thinking Fast and Slow” drew¬†48 views from 26 visitors in the weeks since I posted it. I also received three comments on the article, which led to follow up personal conversations. However, the relatively clunky interface of WordPress (compared to much simpler media such as twitter) drew me to simply use other methods of interacting with my colleagues.

Twitter was much more of a success. Since the start of JSGS 882, my twitter account has gained nearly 40 followers. While many of these were classmates, I was also able to connect with new people around the content that 882 generated. I found that this led to many enriching discussions with classmates and beyond. This course pushed me to use twitter in very productive ways. Those productive conversations have continued well after our last classroom session, and I hope they will do so into the future.